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I am an erotic artist and writer, or rather, I would be if I didn’t have to be a full time mom and work for a living. I have been creating stories and pictures to go with the stories about various themes but mainly addressing interracial sex and relationships.

Standard Disclaimer: Other than my own writings, and unless otherwise noted, I make absolutely no claim of ownership of the images, all of which have been found on the internet and particularly on Tumblr. and are assumed to be in the public domain. I may occasionally resize images. Apologies in advance if I post images whose author(s) wish otherwise. Please contact me and I will either remove the image or give appropriate credit, whichever is preferred.

Walking in a summer rain
La Plage Nue
Sometime a vacation is just what the doctor ordered.

Oh my!  I have been dared to do something like this—-and did (in a more discrete way) but never would have thought or agreed to a video on the internet! 

(Source: candidclothing, via onetitwonders)

A windy day in Spring and a bit of cleavage to show after a long winter.

Anonymous said: Dear SandyWho-I ask anonymously, a Chicano male (married), do you still have the pictures you posted years ago about the girl and her mother, the mother impregnated by the girl's teenage boyfriend? I think the mother's name was Nancy... could you post that picture, and the beautiful story of that impregnation? Gracias - El Gordo

Dear Gordo-

Yes, I will and thank you for asking.


Just having some fun with a storyline.
Red dog
Motherhood changes you in so many ways—some physical, some emotional, but all good.  Carrying my lover’s baby was more than my expression of love.  I wanted to be the mother of his child to raise her in joy and protect her.
My summer as a tan goddess.  Now SPF 50 is my best friend.
Love to Tease
Sometimes it is just what it takes to make you feel sexy after a long week of being mommy.