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I am an erotic artist and writer, or rather, I would be if I didn’t have to be a full time mom and work for a living. I have been creating stories and pictures to go with the stories about various themes but mainly addressing interracial sex and relationships.

Standard Disclaimer: Other than my own writings, and unless otherwise noted, I make absolutely no claim of ownership of the images, all of which have been found on the internet and particularly on Tumblr. and are assumed to be in the public domain. I may occasionally resize images. Apologies in advance if I post images whose author(s) wish otherwise. Please contact me and I will either remove the image or give appropriate credit, whichever is preferred.

Love to Tease
Sometimes it is just what it takes to make you feel sexy after a long week of being mommy.
Be Careful What You Wish For
…And a Happy New Year!

Anonymous asked: Hi Sandy, am a registered user of Slut Wives Forum, am so eager to know from you about my present situation. My hot young wife whose name is Ria, had a very interesting past she had 6 relationships prior our marriage and is of a very flirtatious nature, she admitted to me her last bf also got her pregnant which she had to abort since it was at the initial stage,infact this fact turned me on more, now she has been going out with her co worker but never expresses the same to me,how to let her doit

Hi Mr. Anonymous,  thanks for your note.  I am glad you have an understanding about your wife’s previous relationships.  Many men can’t handle it and prefer not to know or pretend not to care; but I think it bothers them just the same.   I dated a guy for a while who I thought was great but in the end, I think my having kids, one of whom is bi-racial, was just a bit too much history for him.  Oh, well, just not meant to be.

Anonymous asked: Every woman deserve to have her sexual freedom! If you truly love your woman, you should let her explore her sexuality with other men. Sexual freedom for women should come as standard when you are in a relationship. Regards, A man who gave his wife sexual freedom 7 years ago, and couldn't be happier both.

I guess I would have to caution that sexual freedom is not without a cost.  If you have kids, an open relationship in your marriage can be a source of problems mainly because our society does not accept it.  I know is some cultures concepts of sexuality and marriage/partnerships are very different and there is not a stigma attached to it.  But I never wanted my kids to think that I would casually change out their father for another man just because of sex and had my husband offered to have an open marriage (he never did), I am not sure that I would have wanted to.

Oh, this gives me a few ideas!—-plus, I love the shoes!
I was asked what my favorite work is and I think this is the one that love but also kick myself for not having spent more time on.  Oh well
11. October 2013

Notes, questions, blogs from my past:

"I think that everything I have done has been very selfish and I guess that I don’t care.  I love my husband and he is a very caring and giving man. But he travels way too much and I have gotten used to not having him here at times.  Yes, I filled his place in bed with another man but I am not blaming him for it.  It was something I did for myself and perhaps needed to do just for the thrill of it"

I have been asked quite often if I let my husband watch and it may surprise you to know that I am not into that lifestyle even though many of my works are about it.
One of my co workers asked what I did over the weekend?—“Oh, nothing much other than move some furniture around.”